- Each member must have complete Health and Defense to a certain extent.
- Gun requirements for this clan vary, so just ask a leader if you would like to know.
- In order to join this clan you are required to go through a clan test. (Only Applies to some individuals).
- MUST be a respectful player and be able to cooperate with other members in this clan and also listen to orders given by the leader.

Clan Motto:
Long Live Our Monarchy!

About Clan/Clan Description:
6.7.12. Royalty begins. We only accept simply the best quality of members that we consider TDP4 Royalty. This clan is extremely strict in the members we accept. We are all a Royal family and always help one another out.

Clan Rules:
1) Under no circumstances is a member allow to war without permission from a leader.
2) This clan does not tolerate disrespect. If you disrespect someone you will pay the consequences.
3) It is required for members to be in our chat as an order of communication and to be able to participate in fun and exciting matches.


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