When you come to the chat box you will be given a random name like *Dumpling*, if you are then click your name on the right corner where other names will be displayed, and at the top it will say the name, take it out and put your TDP4 name. Then private message a owner/mod, and tell them who you are.

Some one who is not meant to be in the chat box, or some one who is guest banned. Pawn is in green.

Just a normal member of the clan, or could be a clan member's friend. Pawn is in blue.

A officer or got the job by doing good deeds for the clan, can Kick member's/guest's and can make guest's member's. Pawn is in white.

A leader or Co, or someone who has earned the spot by doing good deeds for the clan. These people can do alot of things but they cannot make other people owners unless they are a main owner on the chat, pawn is in orange.

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